ONE CREATION is a cooperative company which aims to support the rapid development of environmental technologies through a global multi-sector approach. This commitment responds to the converging needs of society, the economy and the environment.

The Cooperative’s activities focus on acquisitions of long-term holdings in listed and non-listed companies active in the field of environmental technologies. Holdings can be acquired in different categories of assets.

Its objective is to create a framework of conditions that ensures its Associates delivery of growth income produced by the industrial returns of its shareholdings in the medium- and long-term. ONE CREATION’s fundamental underlying concept makes it an important player in the development and support of efforts made to safeguard the environment.

THE NEWS ONE CREATIONFebruary 2018 Edition
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INTERVIEWles Verts contre les investissements de la caisse de pension dans les énergies fossiles
Débat entre Boris Calame, député Vert au Grand Conseil et auteur de la motion, et Olivier Ferrari, conseiller auprès des caisses de pension.
RTSR - Forum du 31.03.2016
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