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Olivier Ferrari began his career in the property management sector and fiduciary services. In 1982, he develops a service of institutional management for an influential bank in the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland). In 1990, he founds CONINCO Explorers in Finance SA, a financial company specialized in asset management for institutional, private and philanthropic investors. The company is also specialized in sustainable funds management.
Since 2012, he has been the CEO of the company particularly in charge of private and philanthropic investors. He also focuses on all topics in link with industrial economic sustainable development and responsible nvestments.
In 2010, he founds ONE CREATION, a cooperative company which aims to support the rapid development of environmental technologies through a global multi-sector approac
Regularly his articles are published in professional and financial publications He is frequently invited to act as moderator and/or speake conferences both in Switzerland and foreign countries. He is also in charge of lectures in different professional associations. Olivier Ferrari is often invited by the RTS (Swiss television and radio) as a speaker to give his thought on hot topics.
Olivier Ferrari is strongly engaged in Socially Responsible Investment and other related nvironmental activities. He is notably a member of The 1001: A Nature Trust and Co-founder of ONE NATURE FOUNDATION.
Languages: French, English, German