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Ensuring understanding and transparency

ONE CREATION, Cooperative for Environmental Research and the Application of Technologies related to Natural Order is the corporate name registered with the Companies Register.
Hereinafter, the appellations the “Cooperative” or “ONE CREATION” are used.
CONINCO Explorers in finance SA is a company which has operated for nearly 25 years in financial consulting, management audit, follow-up and supervision services, including the classification and allocation of assets and managers. It is accredited by the FINMA, Swiss supervisory authority for financial markets, in the capacity of collective investment manager.
The company is an asset value of the founder’s family, Mr. Olivier Ferrari that owns the majority share.
CONINCO Explorers in finance SA is the statutory Manager of ONE CREATION.

Who can become a ONE CREATION associate?

Associate capacity is open to all legal entities or private individuals, trading companies or non- profit making organisations, pension funds, and public communities. This is simply a non-exhaustive sample of the different actors that have the capacity for making long-term capital investments.

How to become an associate?

Any applicant acquires associate capacity via subscribing to at least one ONE CREATION corporate share. This status continues for as long as the latter keeps one corporate share. Each application must be validated by the Board of Directors.

What are the subscription terms?

The issue price for one ONE CREATION corporate share is CHF 10 000, subject to amendment of the Articles of Association. The minimum number of shares subscribed to by an associate is one, with a maximum of 10 000 shares.
A 1% federal tax and a 2% issue commission are added to the price of each subscribed share. Use of the issue ommission is explained in Article 7 of the articles of association.

What does ONE CREATION actually do?

The Cooperative’s holdings comply with a unique concept, this takes the form of holdings in companies which operate in the environmental technologies’ field and allow to develop ONE CREATION’s economic return. This includes both listed and unlisted assets. ONE CREATION may also guarantee the protection and transfer of such echnologies.

How can one appreciate the return on investment in ONE CREATION’s capital?

By payment of a dividend to associates. Surplus net profits can be entirely redistributed.
There is no inventory value, except for an exit which must be financed, insofar as the asset value does not cover the share capital. A cooperative’s corporate share is always at its nominal value level, subject to negative economic corrections.

Are there enough listed companies in the relevant sector to be entitled to expect sound and sustainable development?

Yes, stock market capitalisation by approximately fifty listed companies in environmental technologies is close on CHF 488 billion. With a share capital of several hundreds of millions of Swiss Francs, the diversification potential is significant on a short, medium and long-term buoyant market. And this does not take account of unlisted ompanies and start-ups’ potential.

Can ONE CREATION’s results be compared to a reference index (benchmark)?

No, for several reasons:
  1. ONE CREATION’s results lead to a dividend payment or otherwise. This amount is finalised by the associates.
  2. This is a trading company, not an investment fund or a financial instrument, with a specific purpose connected to sustainable industrial economic development.

Does ONE CREATION have a charter of ethics?

ONE CREATION’s Management has an applicable charter of ethics in the capacity of economic partner of pension funds in Switzerland; the charter specifies the highest level of requirements in such matters. The charter’s economic, environmental and proper corporate governance standards are applicable to the Cooperative, subject to higher equirements that the Board of Directors may wish for.

What kind of active management has ONE CREATION adopted?

The cooperative intervenes as a holding company which acquires participations in companies whose activity can have/has a positive impact on the environment. In that sense, the cooperative is a company governed by Articles 828 et seq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations.
That Article 828 reads as follows:
“1 A cooperative is a corporate entity consisting of an unlimited number of persons or commercial enterprises who join together for the primary purpose of promoting or safeguarding the specific economic interests of the society’s members by way of collective self-help.
2 Cooperatives with a predetermined nominal capital are not permitted.”
We are therefore not engaged in a process of active management of the kind which takes place for investments made through investment funds and a clear distinction must be drawn between participations taken in listed and unlisted companies. On the basis of its stated corporate purpose, ONE CREATION manages the participations acquired by it in a long-term perspective.
In the case of listed companies, the emphasis is placed on economic entities which have shown their ability over a given period to generate stable to rising profits and proved able to distribute a dividend with a potential for growth of their contribution to sustainable development measured in terms of turnover. There are no geographical restrictions or limits on stock market capitalisation, except for reasons of risk management and to allow for the impact of stock market movements on assets and maintenance of the long-term valuation of the participations; very stringent criteria are applied to track and increase the participations held. Similarly, it is vital for the weight of each entity in the portfolio to respect a relative ratio between the different participations with none of them becoming dominant. A low level of 50% of the corporate assets in liquidation value is applied to companies of this type.
For unlisted companies, the management targets entities at the different stages of economic development. We had occasion to develop the principles applied in a previous edition of NEWS A reservation criteria is applied to the level of each participation, i.e. a company which meets all the criteria of excellence shall not exceed when it is acquired one-twentieth of the total corporate assets stated at their liquidation value at the time of joining the company. This implies the application of lower equivalent values, so diversifying the portfolio of participations in unlisted companies. This also means that ONE CREATION includes in its development, capacities for further investments in the same companies depending on the trend in the number of new associates. In that perspective, a participation in MCE-5 can be increased automatically on favourable terms by a multiple of twice the initial investment. For these companies several highly diversified dossiers are being reviewed and represent in each case an extension of the economic sectors considered and also an increase in the number of participations which strengthen the diversification of the overall corporate assets and optimise the return on investment.
As to that return on investment, each participation acquired has its own calendar for evolution because the management emphasises entities that are capable of generating long-term dividends without excluding the possibility that some companies may be bought up or acquire a stock market listing that will bring about a substantial improvement of the economic substance of the assets held by the associates through their shares.

What qualifications does ONE CREATION rely on to be a leader of its concept?

The ONE CREATION Cooperative not only may count on well-known persons in the social and scientific fields, who are part of its strategic management, but also acknowledged know-how at operational management level.
It also calls on specific third party skills which allow it to be at the forefront in its sector.

What are the technical skills used for?

The Cooperative groups the highest number of technical skills possible. These are both individuals and academic, scientific and technical institutions. Therefore ONE CREATION has quicker access to the best authorised opinions in such matters, in particular in the classification of start-up companies or when doubts exist as regards thetechnology’s specificity.

What are the advantages of taking part in ONE CREATION?

Below are the nine main advantages:
  • Having a repeated and increasing economic yield.
  • Obtaining stable capital in the medium and long-term.
  • Combining financial targets and ethical convictions.
  • Subscribing to diversified holdings.
  • Taking part in the expansion of cuttingedge companies that are not accessible via the stock market.
  • Encouraging interaction between the various economic actors.
  • Playing a part in the positive evolution of environmental criteria.
  • Enjoying more than the right to vote in the capacity of associate: sharing ideas, making proposals, etc.
  • Becoming a committed investor due to the ONE CRrEATION “label”.

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