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ONE CREATION is a cooperative company whose aim is to support the rapid expansion of environmental technologies with a global, multi-sectoral approach. This commitment affects all activities which produce goods and services created for measuring, preventing, limiting or correcting environmental damage to water, to the air or to the land. It also touches upon all problems related to waste, sound pollution and ecosystems.

The cooperative form of ONE CREATION ensures the alignment of financial and economic interests, non-exclusive access to its social capital and social benefits. It also provides shareholding companies freedom of movement within a defined legal framework.

The preservation of our natural environment is essential to the durability of human society. Financing environmental technologies and developing and re-structuring of existing infrastructures represent a firm pledge to sustainable economic growth generations of today and for those ofthe future.

Underlying the concept of industrial return is the principle of share acquisitions in companies that are in a position to distribute dividends in the short-, medium- and long-term. Such dividends must be the result of economic activity of the business under consideration rather than of the financial management of its liquid assets (in cases where the latter is predominant).