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Maintaining nominal value and distributing economic returns underscore and confirm the Cooperative’s objectives.

Each category of assets involves a specific type of risk which differs from case to case and the factors of which are not uniformly correlated. The risk on listed shares is mainly linked to stock markets, whereas the risk on non-listed return companies is essentially economic. The risk factors for start-up companies are both economic and financial and are linked to individuals.

he determining risk factors by asset category are:
  • The year of the venture capital
  • The companies for unlisted assets
  • The stock market for listed assets

Protection of return is ensured by the creation of reserves covering the Cooperative’s social capital and through a policy of shareholding acquisitions which combines the three risk components of the portfolio.

Should the value of the social capital exceed the level of the reserves, the Cooperative can envisage allocating excess reserves to venture capital or to conversion capital.