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For trading companies
To reconcile sustainable development with shareholders' expectations and growing profitability.


For pension schemes
Due to its concept of long-term holdings and its intention of counting on growing returns from carefully selected companies, ONE CREATION avoids missing out on the near future which should, without this type of approach, decapitalise in order to guarantee pensions' payments.


For local authorities
For the development of public interest economic partnerships.
Preserving the environment is a major concern for local authorities.
Becoming an associate means favouring economic development that respects the environment and job creation.


For private individuals
To reduce the risk of long-term stock market fluctuations.
Economic development leads to value creation due to remuneration via dividends. Dividends’ long-term increase is guaranteed by the fact that the Cooperative is positioned on a forward-looking sector.


For charitable and family foundations
A "capital investment" with long-term returns, independent of stock market fluctuations.
These entities all have a basic capital which is invested on the markets. Its financial management with an asset management approach often contradicts charitable goals, the creation or long-term preservation of family assets, due to the stock market's potentially prejudicial and situational fluctuations.