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The Cooperative commits to the sustainable development of all human activities. To this end, it is vital that the economy, society and the environment - the three main stakeholders of sustainability - are an integral part of considerations leading to shareholding acquisitions.

Commitment to Society
ONE CREATION supports only sustainable investments.
Its industrial partnerships allow the Cooperative to play an important role in enhancing economic development.

Commitment to the environment
The Cooperative’s objective is itself a powerful message conveyed by the company's Associates to other agents of Society.
ONE CREATION's financial donations to the One Nature Foundation - whose complementary purpose is recognized to be of public utility - bear witness to its environmental commitment to the environment.

Commitment to a code of ethics
The cooperative structure of ONE CREATION leads to the personal commitment of its Associates each of which enjoys the right to a democratic vote in the Cooperative's General Assembly whatever the extent of his/her capital involvement.

Commitment to good business practices
By virtue of their holdings in ONE CREATION, the Cooperative's Associates are granted the right to vote.
The Cooperative engages in dialogue with all companies it chooses to accompany or support. If they so wish, Associates are welcome to exercise their rights by participating in these dialogues.
Moreover, ONE CREATION strives to meet its economic objectives while promoting principles of good governance - transparency being of particular importance.
In due time, it will decrease and eventually eliminate its investment funds.