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A pledge to sustainability

The continuity of human societies and their activities depends on the preservation of our natural environment. Both financing technologies that favor the protection of our built environment and developing technologies which encourage and support the reconstruction of that built environment represent a pledge of sustainable economic growth for the generations of today and of the future.

It is time for governments to take action, for international commitments to be made and for new far-reaching measures to be adopted to ensure sustainable economic growth.

Moreover, investment preferences tend to change gradually, taking into account the non-financial aspects of sustainability. This is particularly the case for long-term investors such as those dealing in institutional investments.

ONE CREATION positions itself in alignment with the development of global sustainable growth represented by environmental technologies. At the same time, the Cooperative offers all investors faced with the challenges of the 21st century, the creation of a framework to guarantee regular return generated by economic and industrial activities and not by the pursuit of capital gains through market fluctuations, the latter not necessarily being in line with economic growth. The expected timeframe for generating returns is from three to five years in some cases, and as many as 10 years in others, depending on the types of solutions chosen and the prevalent economic climate.

Most options proposed by the market are financial products. The cooperative nature of ONE CREATION ensures the alignment of the investors’ and the economy’s interests, non-exclusive access to the company’s social capital and social benefits. It also gives a holding company freedom to act within a given legal framework.