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The term «environmental technology» is far-reaching, and companies operating in many different economic sectors can join the «universe» of environmental investments. In order to qualify for assimilation into this «universe», part of a company’s activities must take place in at least one of the following sectors:

  1. Renewable energies
    These represent a wide variety of branches whose activities do not deplete the re-source used for energy production.
    Domain: solar, biomass, wind, hydraulic, geothermal, marine.

  2. Energy efficiency
    This sector groups together all the processes, products and services which enable energy consumption to be reduced.
    Domain: buildings, industrial processes, energy storage.

  3. New ecological materials
    Materials which, by their nature or particular function, enable existing more polluting elements to be replaced.
    Domain: construction materials, various new packaging materials.

  4. Environment chemistry
    This represents all the products, services and processes which enable environmental impacts to be reduced by chemical engineering.

  5. Environmental biology
    This represents all the products, services and processes which enable the environmental impacts generated by human activities to be reduced by biological engineering.

  6. Environmental consultancy
    This represents all the management systems, tools and processes which enable particular activities to be optimised.
    Domain: infrastructure, general engineering, management.

  7. Sustainable transport
    Means of travel causing low pollution or any other service or product enabling the environmental impact of population travel to be reduced. Domain: hybrid vehicles, electrical vehicles, ecological vehicle components, other ecological means of transport such as cycling, rowing, trains.

  8. Waste management
    Environmental technologies used for waste management comprise all of the products, services and tools which enable waste to be recycled, energy to be generated from waste, waste production reduced or waste processed in such a way as to mitigate its impact on the environment.
    Domain: waste storage, recycling/processing, collection.

  9. Water management
    Environmental technologies in the field of water management enable water to be managed in an effective and sustainable manner, e.g. desalination, distribution and treatment.