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The term «environmental technology» is far-reaching, and companies operating in many different economic sectors can join the «universe» of environmental investments. In order to qualify for assimilation into this «universe», part of a company’s activities must take place in at least one of the following sectors:

  1. Renewable energy and energy efficiency
    Renewable energy is relevant to an ensemble of diversified industrial processes the carrying out of which does not result in the extinction of the source used for their energy production. Energy efficiency represents an ensemble of processes, products and services which lead to reduction of energy consumption.

  2. New ecological materials
    New ecological materials are those which, owing to their make-up or their specific functionality, make them viable substitutes for other existing materials of a more polluting nature.

  3. Environmental chemistry and biology
    This sector represents a category of products, services and processes which, thanks to chemical and biological engineering, can reduce the environmental impact of human activities.

  4. Ecological management of environmental systems
    This economic sector is made up of the set of management systems, tools and processes which enable optimization of the output of economic activities with a view to reducing their environmental impact.

  5. Sustainable transportation
    This category includes means of transportation which produce minimal pollution as well as other services or products which allow reduction of environmental impacts linked to the geographical displacement of people.

  6. Waste management
    Environmental technologies in the area of waste management include the category of products, services and tools which enable the recycling of waste material, use of waste as an energy source, reduction of waste produced and/or waste treatment with a view to diminishing its environmental impacts.

  7. Natural resource management
    In the area of natural resource management, environmental technologies offer the possibility of managing natural resources (water, forests, land etc) in a sustainable and efficient manner.